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My most challenging keyword (and the most profitable?)

I did it. I recently bought a domain and I'm going to attempt to start a Directory Niche Site from scratch. It's an incredibly hard Niche, I know. These are the reasons why I chose this keyword, despite being sooo difficult.

Jimena Bolívar

November 13, 2019

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My most challenging project ever

When I wrote my first post and decided that I was going to start 3 online bussinesses, I was convinced that I was going to end up starting a directory niche site. (If you don't know what a directory niche site is, and would like to read more about the different types of niche blogs, click here).

My thoughs are now a reality, and my directory niche site is on it's way!

The reason why I wanted to start a directory niche site is simple: My main goal is to learn the strategies and techniques that work best when starting an online business. And since starting a directory niche site is probably the hardest kind of niche site there is, then it's the perfect learning ground for me!

I know it's going to be extremely challenging, but I also hope that it will become my most profitable business. But I honestly have no idea of what's going to happen. The sooner we start, the sooner we'll find out! If you want to see more about how I'm going, check my income reports!

And keep reading to find out more about this awesome keyword I found!

Overall look at my keyword

I'm sure you know my keyword by now... it's "dentist near me". And I can already tell you that it's an outstanding keyword! It took me days to find it, but I knew I had found a winner the very moment I saw it! There's so much potential to build a directory niche site around "dentist near me"! When people search for such a keyword on Google, you know they want to look for dentist close to where they are. It's as simple as it gets.

I know I sound super excited about this keyword... because I am! But trust me... my feet are on the ground. I know it's not going to be easy. This keyword has a lot of pros and cons, just like any of my keywords. And there's one big difference between "best dentist near me" and my other keywords (rug cleaning, for example). Even if I do everything perfectly well, this site could end up not working for other reasons that escape my control. I feel like the cons could potentially be deal-breakers. Maybe, maybe not. I have no clue.

What I do know right now is that the pros clearly outweight the cons and I have reasons to believe that this could be a six figure blog. Let's take a look at both what I like and what I don't about this keyword.

What I like about it

1. Search Volume is huge!

A directory niche site only works when there's a lot of people searching. And I don't mean "a lot" as in 30,000 monthly searches... I mean a lot! That's one of the beautiful things about "dentist near me". You have over 1,000,000 monthly searches!

You might be thinking that with so many monthly searches competition must be fierce. We'll actually it isn't! Take a look at a screenshot from KWFinder:

Dentist Near Me Mangools KWFinder


KWFinder is my favorite keyword research tool

I recently wrote a post on My Keyword Research Secrets and Tools Finally Revealed!. In that post, I talk about how to find great keywords for free, but I also recommend a tool from Mangools that's a lifesaver: KWFinder. It has everything you need to find keywords fast and analyze the results. The screenshot you just saw is from that tool. You have a 10 day trial period and you should absolutely try it!

A KW Difficulty of 23 is something any beginner can deal with. But you know that I don't care too much about KW Difficulty anyway. That metric is useful only to discard very hard keywords quickly. A more in-depth analysis has to be done looking at the SERP. This is what the SERP Checker has to say about it:

Dentist Near Me SERP Analysis

Looking at the results one by one, I think that it's not going to be easy to rank for this keyword. As a matter of fact, some of those are going to be nearly impossible to beat. However, the amount of searches is so big that even if you only manage to get to the 10th position, you're already getting a lot of visitors. So even if I don't rank number 1, the website can be making a lot of money!

And the growth trend is also very promising!

Dentist Near Me Trend
Dentist Near Me Trend

Don't you agree that it's a great keyword? A lot of monthly searches, some competition, and great growth trend. I'm very happy overall!

2. Related Keywords Reach

We just saw that there are a lot of searches for the "dentist near me" keyword, and that competition isn't as fierce as in some other niches. But what's even better is the fact that related keywords are pretty much the same!

I can easily target related keywords that account for almost another 1,000,000 monthly searches! That means that I'm going to have to put in a lot of work, because it's harder to rank for multiple keywords rather than to focus on just one, but the opportunity is incredible!

Here is a screenshot that illustrates what I mean:

Dentist Near Me Related Keywords Mangools KW Finder

3. Selling Opportunity

As I said at the very beginning, I wanted to start a directory niche site because I think it's going to be an amazing learning opportunity. And since I never want to stop learning, I wouldn't want to the website.

That being said, it's always a good thing to know that someone else might be interested in buying whatever it is that you're creating. And because I'm not going to be as involved by name in this project, I think that with time and work someone might be intersted in buying it.

I know it's a long shot, but I have to dream big!

What I don't like about it

1. SERP Features risk

As you already know, SERP stands for "Search Engines Result Page". And SERP Features are all the features that a Search Engine might have to offer without even clicking on one of the search results. E.g. When you search for calculator on Google, you see a calculator!

SERP Features Calculator

You've probably seen this many times, but never realized what it means for the owners of those sites. It means that they're not going to have nearly the same amount of visitors they had before. And that's not a good thing for them (although it's pretty useful to the end user!).

As for right now, the SERP Features regarding "dentist near me" are quite standard. But in a couple of years there could be a lot more features that prevent people from clicking on the site.

If you want to know if SERP Features have a low or high impact, Mangools has a number (1-5) in their SERP Checker:

SERP Features Dentist Near Me

But I always recommend trying your keyword on Google to see it for yourself!

These are the results for "dentist near me":

SERP Features Dentist Near Me

As you can see, the SERP features are mainly a Google Maps widget and a "People also ask" widget.

I don't think that any of those are too big of a deal to be worried right now. Although that's something that I'll never know until I start getting some organic traffic. Also, new features could be being developed right now that could potentially kill my website in the future.

It's a risk I'll have to live with.

2. Highly Specialized Posts

In my very first Income Report (October 2019) I said that one of the things that I've learnt during my first month as a digital entrepeneur is that outsourcing can be a lot of work. Sure, you save time, but it's not easy to find the right people sometimes.

If I want to be able to outsource content regarding "dentist near me" I'm going to have to find someone who's capable of doing such posts. And that's not going to be an easy task (or cheap, for that matter). I have a couple of friends who might help me with advice on how to overcome this issue, so I'll let you know how it goes!

For now, this is an issue I have to deal with.

Buying a domain

Last but not least, I had to buy a domain! I wanted to have my main keyword "dentist near me" in the url, and that meant that my url was going to be pretty long. But I guess that's ok... It's becoming harder and harder to find good domains, so a long tail keyword domain could even be a helpful thing.

I finally decided to go with I think I was pretty luck! Almost every domain regarding dentists is taken. But thanks to Namecheaps beast mode I found one that I liked! It's easy to remember, it has the word "best" in it, so it doesn't assume that it has "all the dentist" (because it won't), but only the best. And finally, I think the .org adds a tint of authority to an otherwise, very plain domain.

I'm very excited! I can't wait to design a logo for it!

Final thoughts

Some of you might think I'm crazy for starting a directory niche site. And maybe you're right! But do you know what's even crazier? The fact that some people can read post after post about how I started my first blogs and my income reports month after month... and still never take action.

Nothing is going to change unless you take action! I first started with an easier keyword (rug cleaning) and now I'm embarking on a tougher keyword. That's my next step!

What's yours?

If you've never started a blog, join my 21 days challenge and I'll share everything I know with you! Step by step!


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