Welcome to Experts' Hub!
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I'm starting this new section of the blog to help my readers realize that making money online IS POSSIBLE. There're many experts out there making a living online, and they're willing to share their experience with you!

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Jimena Bolívar

November 13, 2019

Welcome to Experts' hub

If you've read my very first post (My Goals 2019), you already know this, but this blog is primarily about learning. And if you want to become the best at something, you have to learn from the best!

I'm barely starting out, so I thought to myself...

Why not start a section dedicated to interviewing people with tons of experience?

I'm sure we can learn a lot from what they have to say. If we hang out with the very best digital marketers in the world, sooner or later we'll start thinking like them. Maybe even we'll become experts ourselves!

That's what this section is about!

How is this going to work?

I'm going to ask a couple of experts to come to the show, and after a quick introduction, I'll ask them a few questions myself. But I want you guys to be a part of this too! So... Before a guest comes to the show, I'll let you know on Instagram (jimena.bolivarro) about it so you can ask the expert questions too! Follow me on Instagram if you want to know who the next guest will be!

Also, if there's someone you think would make a great guest, send me an IG message and let me know about him/her! I follow a lot of people online, but I'm sure with your help we'll be able to find more experts we can learn from.


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