Welcome to my Income Reports!
This is it.

I have a feeling this is going to be a popular section! In this section of the blog, I'll let you know about how much money my businesses are making (or losing). But what's more... I'll analyze why and what I plan to do to improve in the future.

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November 12, 2019

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Welcome to my Income Reports

Welcome to my Income Reports section! I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but in this section I'll be releasing my monthly Income Reports.

A couple of days ago, I published my first post. In that post, I committed myself to start 3 online businesses in 3 months. As an absolute beginner, I know it's going to be challenging, but I'm excited because I know these couple of months are going to be like a master's degree in starting online businesses. I want this section of the blog to document my journey and how well (or bad) I'm doing income-wise.

Why do I release my Income Reports?

For 2 reasons mainly.

Number 1: Releasing my Income Reports is forcing me to take things seriously. What I do every month and how I'm doing is going to be out forever. Just the thought of having my family and friends read my reports is enough to wake up every morning and give my very best. Nothing can beat that adrenaline rush!

Number 2: I think my Income Reports are going to help a lot of my readers take action (maybe even you!). If I do end up making a decent amount of money, my readers will be able to go back to the first couple of Income Reports and see that I also didn't do well at the very beginning. But we all have to start at some point! Nothing is going to change unless you do something about it!

What do the reports include?

I want my reports to be "business-focused". I won't talk about how much money I'm spending on rent, food, or diapers for that matter. I'll only include my businesses' income (no matter the source) and expenses (primarily my resources and tools).

It's important to note that my reports will reflect an actual cashflow of money, not how much money I'm spending strictly per month. For example, if I buy an annual subscription for a product, the income report for that month will reflect the payment for the whole year (not the whole payment divided by 12). I'm doing this because I think it's way more realistic and helpful. When you're starting a business your cashflow is what can give you sleepless nights!

Also, I'll let you know how much I'm making and spending overall, but I'll also specify how much I'm making and spending on each of my 3 businesses (my Affiliate Marketing Site, my Authority Niche Site and my Directory Niche Site).

Keep in mind that I'm working on 3 businesses at a time, so you probably can handle 1 yourself! (Yes, even if you have a 9-to-5 job).

How can you know everything is legit?

The truth is... you can't.

I've given a lot of thought to how to prove that my income reports are real. But no matter what I do, some people won't ever believe me.

The only thing I can say for myself is that I wasn't raised that way. When I say I want to help people make money online, I really mean it. If I lie in my income reports, I could end up hurting a lot of people who follow my strategies because they think they are going to make a lot of money.

I won't let that happen! The whole point of this blog is to learn together. And I feel like in the online world, knowing what NOT to do is sometimes way more important than what to do. So... in a way, not making money is actually a better learning experience.

I honestly don't know if I'll ever be lucky enough to post a positive income report. What I do know, is that no matter how many negative income reports I post, I'll always see the positive side and learn from my mistakes.

For how long will I release my income reports?

Simple... for as long as they're helpful!

I don't want to release my income reports just for the sake of releasing them. I want to publish my income reports because my readers find them helpful. The moment I see they're not useful anymore (or never become useful), I'll stop.

So, if you do find them helpful, follow me on Instagram (jimena.bolivarro) and let me know! I'd love to hear from you! Releasing my income reports is such a sensitive subject, that I would appreciate your support!


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