Income Report December 2019:
I made $ 1,794.00
Biggest. Surprise. Ever.

In my third month blogging something amazing happened. I made almost $2000! I wasn't expecting it, but I couldn't be happier. Although I made so much money thanks to a one time deal, it's nice to see a positive month for a change.

Jimena Bolívar

January 15, 2020

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Introduction: My first 3 months are over!

I can't believe my first 3 months blogging are over! Not so long ago I was writing my very first post. And I'm already 3 months in!

It's great that I'm getting my first visitors. It's also great that my subscriber list is growing very fast. But something truly remarkable happened this month besides that...

I made $1,784!!

I wasn't expecting to make so much money this month. And I don't think I'll be able to replicate my success easily. However, I did make that money and I'm very happy about it! Keep reading to find out more!

Did I achieve my Goals in 2019?

On October 2019 I wrote down (and published on this blog post) my 3 goals for 2019. Now that 2019 is over, it's time to look at what I achieved during those 3 months.

How did I do?

Overall I'm very happy because I think I'm on the right track. And hopefully, I'll be able to make a living blogging soon.

Let's take a look at my 3 goals individually.

1. Start 3 Niche blogs in 3 months?

My first (and hardest) goal was to start 3 niche blogs in 3 months.

Achieving this was my #1 priority, so I planned everything accordingly. I had a tight schedule if I wanted to have all 3 blogs online (and with some content).

And... Mission Accomplished!

These are the 3 blogs that I started:

1. My Little Green Car. This is the blog you're on right now. I want to help other people make a living from home blogging. And I want to show them that is possible by starting from zero myself.

My Little Green Car Screenshot Home

So far the most popular page on my blog is my 21 Days Challenge page. But I also started a show called Experts' Hub that is getting a lot of organic traffic. More than I though it would, but far from it's true potential.

2. Rug Cleaning World. This blog is about rug cleaning. Everything from buying a rug, to cleaning, to placing it in the right places of your home.

Rug Cleaning World Screenshot Home

This was supposed to be an "easy to rank for" blog. However, apparently a Google Algorithm update has made "Rug Cleaning" a very very competitive keyword. I wrote all about the update and how it affected me on this post.

Despite how difficult it is to rank for "rug cleaning", some of the ultimate guides I wrote are getting a couple of organic visitors. But not many.

I think I have to work on my backlinks to get more visitors. What matters now is that the blog is up and running and more posts are about to be published!

3. Best Dentist Near Me. This blog is meant to be the ultimate resource to find dentists close to the user. It's the very first online tool that helps you filter pediatric dentists, 24h dentist, oral surgeons, etc.

Best Dentist Near Me Screenshot Home

I don't want to unveil what happened with this blog just yet. For now, I'll simply remember what I said on my previous income report about this blog: I decided to hire a dentist to write the posts for me. The posts are on their way and should be ready by early 2020.

That being said... I achieved my goal of starting 3 blogs in 3 months!

Achieved 1 goal

2. Spend under $2,000 in tools & services?

This one is a little bit trickier because I paid an annual plan for most of my services. And so, I ended up paying a lot more than $2,000.

To solve that issue, I'm going to divide all the annual plans I paid for by 4. That way I'll have what I "actually paid" for on these 3 months. Makes sense, right?

These have been my expenses during these 3 months:

Tools TOTAL in 3 months
Kinsta (Hosting Solution) $225
Convertkit (Email Marketing) $72.5
Mangools (Keyword Research) $89.7
G Suite (My business email)
Namecheap $7.48
Professional Services
Post Writting
Total in 3 months: $2,393.20

So... I ended up paying a little bit more than I wanted. But that's ok! I treat my blogs as businesses, and you need to put some money in first if you want to see results.

Although I didn't achieve this goal, having it on my list helped me maintain a firm grip on my spending. And that's a win!

Achieved 2 goals

3. Guest Post on 1 big & established blog?

I've been concentrating so much on starting my own blogs, that I almost forgot about this goal!

It took a while, but I finally landed a great blogger to let me guest post on her blog. And here it is! My very first guest post was on Fitnancials, a great blog dedicated to helping people save. Thanks so much Alexis for this wonderful opportunity!

Fitnancials Guest Post

I'm honestly a little bit dissapointed, because I though I was going to land more guest posts. Perhaps this is one of the things I should improve in 2020.

But I achieved my goal! And I'm very happy about it!

Achieved 3 goals

I ended up achieving 2 out of my 3 goals. And the one I missed, I missed just by a little. So I'm going to go ahead and call 2019 a huge success. I can't wait for 2020!

What I've done this month

1. Sold my first business

Yes... you read correctly.

I sold my first business. Remember when I said that I hired a dentist to write a couple of posts for me? Well, it turned out that person (she doesn't want to be named), loved what I was doing on My Little Green Car.

We talked for a while, and she decided to make an offer to buy the blog from me.

At first I said no... After all, it took a long time to find that keyword. And after what happened with Rug Cleaning World, I was looking forward to Best Dentist Near Me becoming my flagship blog.

However, she was so nice we kept talking. And she made me remember that the whole idea behind this blog is to inspire other people to follow along and start their online businesses. And although I still think "Dentist near me" is a great keyword, there are other great keywords out there for sure.

So, I sold it to her.

And I really think she's going to make a lot of money from that blog if she works on it!

Regardless of the fact that I've inspired and helped a great woman, I still think I made an incredible deal. Here's why:

1. Finding a dentist to write on my blog was very hard. Extremely hard indeed. I didn't want to go through the hustle of doing that ever again, and this was a way out. She's a dentist herself, so she can write her own content.

2. The medical industry is very tough. There might not be as much competition, but I can assure you that ranking is hard. Overall the posts we wrote on "Best Dentist Near Me" were getting the least amount of views. I guess it has to do with the fact that Google is very cautious when it comes to recommending medical stuff from a new non-authoritative website.

3. I sold it for $2000! I sold this blog (which was almost totally empty) for $2000. As a matter of fact, I think I simply sold the domain for that money, because she's going to start over and create her own design. That's a great deal for a domain that I've owned only for a couple of months!

Selling this blog was an unexpected milestone. But I'm happy with how everything turned out.

2. Created a list of blogs I'd love to Guest Post on

It was pretty hard to land my first guest post. And although I assume that's because I'm quite new at blogging, I still think that I could do better.

In order to do so, I wrote a 200 people list I want to contact during the first couple of months of 2020. I want to test different strategies and see what works (and what doesn't) in order to get Guest Posts.

The list is pretty simple. It looks something like this:

List Authority

I'm not showing their emails because I want to respect their privacy. But I'll write a post in the future explaining how I built this list and how I found those emails. It's actually quite easy, since most of that information is on their blogs already.

Also, the DA stands for "Domain Authority". I added this to the list as a signal of how valueable this link could be. It's not 100% accurate, but it gives me all the information I need for now.

3. Started the Research for a new blog

I sold my first business, but I don't want to own 2 blogs only. That's why I've started looking for a new blog idea.

I honestly don't know when I'll be able to start a new blog because I want to focus now on uploading new content to both My Little Green Car and Rug Cleaning World.

But when that time comes, I want to know right away the topic I'd like to write about.

I found 2 ideas I think could be amazing. Although I have to do a little bit more research before I choose between the 2. I'll let you know when I've decided!

I look forward to this so much!

My Expenses

Cent by cent Breakdown

I didn't spend a lot of money this month. Here's a list of all the tools and services I'm currently using:

Kinsta (Hosting Solution) $0 (9 months left of the Annual Plan)
Convertkit (Email Marketing) $0 (9 months left of the Annual Plan)
Mangools (Keyword Research) $0 (9 months left of the Annual Plan)
G Suite (My business email)
Professional Services
Post Writting
Total: $216

Maybe I should add that I'm including Fiverr's commission when I say that I'm spending $210 on Post writing. I'm actually paying $200 to the freelancers, and $10 to Fiverr.

My Income Strategy

I've been blogging for only 3 months, and I've already made $2000. I know this isn't business as usual. I'll have to keep working if I want to keep making money.

This is how my month ended:

Income: $2,000
Expenses: $216
TOTAL: $1,784.00

What I learned

I honestly think this section is one of the most valueable things I have in my blog. I love going back to my previous income reports and reading the "What I learned" section to keep it fresh in my memory.

1. You can make money selling domains

I knew this was a thing, but I never knew you could make so much money.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not going to start buying domains and trying to sell them for a profit.

What I am going to do is to put all the domains I currently own and list them for sale (except for the ones I'm actually using daily).

I don't think I'll sell any of them, but you never know. I just sold one, why not another one?

2. My publishing timeline was way off

I've been looking at the "Rug Cleaning World" Posts I wanted to write during this trimester. 40 Posts in total.

I thought that if I could publish those 40 posts, the blog would start getting some organic traffic.

I'm not so sure anymore... I think I have to publish close to 100 to start getting some decent traffic. And I'm saying that based on the amount of visitors I'm getting on the currently published posts.

Of course, those posts can (and will) rank higher on Google. But now that I see how fast they're growing, I think I'm going to need a lot more posts to bring enough organic traffic.

We have a lot of work to do!


This blogging adventure is awesome! I feel like there's a huge surprise every month.

This month's surprise was a welcome one... I sold my "Best Dentist Near Me" domain for $2,000! I didn't want to sell at first, but I know think that I made a great deal. And what's even better... I inspired and helped someone to start their own online business! You can't put a price tag on that feeling!

But don't get me wrong...

Just because this month has been a great month, it doesn't mean I'm satisfied. I want to help more people and start more businesses!

I still have a lot of work to do. A. LOT. OF. WORK. TO. DO.

Would you like to join me on this adventure?


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