Income Report November 2019:
Last Month in the red?

November has been "content month" for a good reason; I've dedicated almost 90% of my time to creating content for my 3 blogs. And I think I did a pretty good job! But something really great happened besides that! Keep reading to learn more!

Jimena Bolívar

December 11, 2019

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Introduction: First Visitors & subscribers!

Welcome to my November Income Report! (2nd overall)

I know I'm just getting started (I've only been blogging for 2 months), but this is getting soooo interesting! As you know from my first post, one of my goals for 2019 was to start 3 blogs. Considering that I only had 3 months left when I wrote that post, I had absolutely no time to loose!

Well, I'm happy to say that I think I will achieve my goal. But something else happened that I wasn't expecting... I'm already receiving a few visitors in My Little Green Car! 64 users to be more precise.

Check out a screenshot from my Google Analytics account:

Google Analytics My Little Green Car

I received 2 daily visitors (on average) during this month. That's not a lot, but it's actually quite impressive considering that this blog was totally empty just 1 month ago and that I have no backlinks. None. Zero.

You might be thinking that those sessions are from myself, but that's not the case. And I know because I installed an extension (you can check it out here) to prevent Google Analytics from recording my activity:

Google Analytics Opt-out extension

I also know that my family and friends aren't checking the blog out because I haven't told anyone yet. Those 64 visitors are real people. As a matter of fact, I can tell you that one of them is from South Africa and has read almost everything I've written. Thanks so much whoever you are!

But that's not all... I have 5 subscribers in my email list!

Check out this screenshot from my Convertkit account:

Converkit screenshot subscribers 5

I haven't sent a single email yet and I already have 5 subscribers. As you've probably guessed, I'm going to start emailing those 5 people right away!

So, overall I'm very excited about how things are going. Getting visitors and subscribers wasn't something I was aiming for in 2019, but it's totally something I wanted to achieve in 2020. So for now I'm quite happy about how things are going.

But let's get started with this month's Income Report! That's what you came to read anyway!

What I've done this month

As I said in my previous income report, November was going to be Content Month. My 3 blogs (My Little Green Car, Rug Cleaning World and Best Dentist Near Me) were designed and online, but they didn't have any content. So... it was time to upload good quality content that people would want to read.

This is what I did on each of the blogs:

1. Created and uploaded content for Rug Cleaning World

I spent most of my time creating content for Rug Cleaning World. But before I could start writing, I had to visit a couple of rug cleaners and learn from them. It was an incredible experience! I met a lot of people who know a lot about Rug Cleaning and had a wonderful time with them.

The results were fantastic too! I wrote 8 posts in total. I'm particularly proud of these 5 because I think they really are the best guides online right now. Some of these posts are over 3000 words!

And this is a screenshot of how they look on the website right now:

Rug Cleaning World

I didn't pick those posts just because I liked the topic, but because I knew people were interested in those topics and actively looking for information regarding those keyowrds.

How did I do it?

Using Mangool's Keyword Finder I checked all the related keywords to both "Rug Cleaning" and "Carpet Cleaning" and wrote down the ones that had more potential (because of both the monthly searches and the difficulty). This is what I came up with:

Rug Cleaning World Related keywords

I then Googled each one of those keywords and asked myself if I could create better content than the results I was seeing on screen. I came up with 5 posts I could create that would be the "ultimate Internet Resource". And those are the 5 posts I wrote!

Rug Cleaning World is online and has enough content to get started!

2. Hired content for Best Dentist Near Me

Creating content for Rug Cleaning World was a great experience, but it was very time consuming. I had to learn a lot from Rug Cleaners and it took a while to write all the posts.

But I didn't feel as confident about Best Dentist Near Me. So I decided to hire a dentist to write the posts for me. It took a while becasue dentists are usually very busy and don't care about writing posts, but I finally found a dentist willing to write the posts for me. Although she said that she would have the posts for the beginning of 2020, I'm ok with that.

I gave her the related keyword list (see below) and a list of possible post ideas. I didn't want to tell her exactly what she had to write about because I figured she'd know better than I do.

Best Dentist Near Me Related keywords

Anyway, the posts are on their way and should be ready by early 2020. Maybe I'll be able to upload the first posts before the year is over so I'll be able to say that I did start 3 blogs in 3 months!

3. Started the Experts' hub show

As we dove deeper into the month, I had to upload new content to My Little Green Car. So I decided to start with the "Experts' Hub" show. It's a show within My Little Green Car where I'm interviewing bloggers who are making money online and ask them for advice.

My very first Guest was Alexis Schroeder, founder of Fitnancials. You can check the interview here. This first episode took a while because I wanted to do something special. I tried different designs and I finally decided that I wanted the interview to look like an iMessage conversation. This is how it looks:

Fitnancials Interview

I'm pretty happy with how it looks! And now that I've already started this section of the blog, it should be easier to find more people to interview in the future. The idea is that this will become a weekly show in 2020. Fingers crossed!

I would like to thank Alexis publicly for being so nice! I loved having her as my first guest!

4. Christmas brand redesign

Since I found out that I was getting a couple of visitors, I decided to rebrand my blog for the holiday season. I know this is a lot of work for just a couple of visitors, but I think it will be woth it considering that I'll be able to use the same logos next year.

Wouldn't it be great if I could have different logos for the different times of the year?

Here are the new Christmas logos:

My Little Green Car logo Christmas
My Little Green Car logo Christmas

My Expenses

Cent by cent Breakdown

This months expenses have actually been pretty boring. Why? Because if you remember from my previous income report, I payed an annual plan for most of my subscriptions. This means that I had to pay more up front, but that I'll be saving money in the future. It also helps me take things seriously.

So, this month's expenses are exclusively related to content. However, I'll include the other services I'm using too and how much money I payed for the annual plan.

My Expenses:

I still have 11 months left for my 3 websites. If you'd like to pay on a monthly basis it's $30 a month. Sure, there're cheaper hosting alternatives... But hosting is the one thing you don't want to be cheap about. Your whole company relies on your hosting!
I payed the annual plan (you can choose to pay $29 a month if you prefer), but I didn't know I was going to start sending emails so soon. This is the very first time I'll be sending emails to my subscribers and I couldn't be happier!
I couldn't have done my keyword research if it weren't for Mangools. I've been talking to Maros (Head of Marketing) and Vlado (Inbound Marketing) and they have a fantastic company going on. I really recommend using Mangools!
G Suite
I've been using my G Suite way more than I though I would! I'm writing posts on Google Docs, and uploading a lot of my posts pictures to Google Drive. Best $6 ever!
Professional Services
Post Writting
As I mentioned before, I outsourced a couple of posts. Most of them are for Best Dentist Near Me, but I also outsourced a couple of posts for Rug Cleaning World (they're all on their way). Money well spent considering how long it takes to write quality content!

My Income Strategy

New Strategy for Rug Cleaning World

As you probably know, I had a set back during this month (I wrote about it on this post). Long story short... "Rug Cleaning" isn't as easy of a keyword as I thought it was. That means that I had to rethink my monetization strategy for Rug Cleaning World because it's going to take quite a long time to start getting a lot of visitors to that website.

But thanks to that minor set back, I now decided to do something even better!

I'm going to try to monetize that blog with a different technique. Instead of making money with ads, I'm going to help rug cleaning professionals with their online marketing skills. From what I've seen, most of them are great at what they do, but are pretty scared of technology. That's were I come in!

I want to teach rug cleaners how to build a website, how email marketing works, how it can help their business, etc. Sure... there's a lot of content out there covering those topics, but nothing specifically thought for Rug and carpet cleaners. That's why I think they're going to love it! Hopefully I'll be able to make some affiliate marketing money.

In order to help Rug Cleaners with their online marketing skills, I'm going to create a section dedicated in Rug Cleaning World named "Resources for Rug Cleaning":

Rug Cleaning World resources for Rug cleaners

In that section I'm going to write a couple of posts on how rug and carpet cleaners can get clients online. But I also want to create video content. I think I'll upload a couple of videos to youtube on how to build a website and see how they go. I'll tell you more about this in the future! I feel like videos are going to work better than posts. But who knows!

What I learned

1. Bless the broken road. When I found out that "Rug Cleaning" had become a pretty hard keyword I got a little bit upset. After all, I wanted to make money in the short-run thanks to Rug Cleaning World. But because of that minor set back, I had to rethink my income strategy completely. And now I think that the new strategy I'm implementing is way better than the previous strategy! I don't yet know how it'll turn out... but I'm very excited about it! And I wouldn't have found out about it if it weren't for that "mistake" I made. God bless the broken road!

2. Tiktok has a lot of potential! I know that I'll have to define and implement a social media strategy soon, so I've been investigating which Social Networks I should focus on. I first thought that Instagram was going to be my best bet, but I'm not so sure anymore. Tiktok is growing so much... And I think I'm going to grow faster on Tiktok that I'm going to grow on Instagram (because there's not that much content being created). On the other hand, my target audience is not hanging out in Tiktok yet... But what if they do in the future? It would've been great to have a great start. I'll look into it! I guess what I'm trying to say is... if you own a small company, make sure you take a look at TikTok. It's quite promising!

Conclusion: 1 month away!

I can't believe it's already been 2 months! I have so many things to do before the year is over!

I honestly think that I'll be able to start all 3 blogs. My Little Green Car and Rug Cleaning World are already online and Best Dentist Near Me it's on it's way. But what I'm really excited about is 2020. I'm already having my first visitors and I can't wait until I start sharing with you how many backlinks and visitors I'm getting! That's the most important part!

Don't forget to subscribe to receive my future income reports!


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