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Learning opportunity or huge failure?

I knew the road wasn't going to be easy, but I never expected something to go so terribly wrong so soon... Let's see what happened and how I'm going to deal with it.

Jimena Bolívar

November 19, 2019

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What Happened and How I found out

You won't believe what I found out about yesterday...

I was talking to my husband about how great my rug cleaning blog was doing when he asked me:

I just don't get why "rug cleaning" is an easier keyword than "carpet cleaning". After all, most cleaning companies offer both services.

So, I went to my KWFinder account to show him why "rug cleaning" was an easier keyword, when I saw this:

Rug Cleaning Keyword Difficulty 43

If you recall from my previous post on how I found the rug cleaning keyword, this is what that same screenshot used to look like:

Rug Cleaning Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty skyrocketed!

At first I though it was a mistake, because -as I've told you before- sometimes the Keyword Difficulty parameter from KWFinder simply moves up and down without apparent explanation. That's why you always have to check the SERP Analysis.

So that's exactly what I did, and this is what I saw:

Rug Cleaning Keyword SERP

And then I compared it to my previous SERP analysis:

Rug Cleaning Keyword SERP

If you take a close look, you'll see that someting has clearly changed... The top results are still the same, but from there down everything has changed. As an example, what used to be the 3rd result is not even on the 2nd page! And some websites (like that weren't even on the second page are now ranking pretty high!

That was weird...

I had to do some research to find out more.

But... Why?

I knew that something must have happened. The future of my business relied basically on the search results for "rug cleaning", and I had a lot of reasons to be worried about it. So I went to sleep and took some time off to analyze what might have happened:

1. Did I mess up?

The first explanation was pretty simple... I could've just messed up analyzing the SERP.

So I rechecked my post on how I found the rug cleaning keyword in the first place and I revisited the results. But I still think my reasons to go for "rug cleaning" were solid! Take a look at the following results...

Rug Cleaning Keyword SERP

Those websites (inside the red square) have a DA of under 30, and virtually have no links! If those websites could make it to the top page on Google... why not me? Anyway... I can't worry about that too much now. Those 3 websites are nowhere to be found. Not even on the 3rd or 4th page.

What matters now is that my reasoning was solid, and that I didn't mess up because I forgot to analyze my competition. Let's keep looking for what might've happened...

2. SEO Tools failed?

The second scenario was pretty straight forward too... Mangools messed up. I trusted the wrong tool and now I'm paying the price. After all, it's always easier to blame the tool rather than yourself. Isn't it?

Luckily I had been researching every keyword research tool in order to write my keyword research post. Those include ahrefs, semrush, ubersuggest, moz etc. I remembered what the results were for the keyword "rug cleaning" in each of those tools, so I rechecked all of them again and took a look at the results.

Every keyword research tool had changed the SEO difficulty for the keyword "rug cleaning" to TWICE AS HARD! All of them, except Moz, that still thinks (as of November 19th, 2019) that it's a pretty simple keyword to rank for. Although this might be because they haven't updated their database yet.

Why would this change so drastically over night? And in all the tools?!

Long story, short... I can't blame KWFinder.

Every other keyword research tool seems to have gone bonkers with the keyword "rug cleaning". So if it's not Mangools problem... There had to be another reason.

3. Google Update?

Apparently Google updated it's algorithm a couple of days ago (you can read more about it in this Search Engine Journal article). And it's a pretty significant update too. Some website owners are reporting a substantial increaise in organic traffic, while some others are experiencing a dramatic decrease in organic traffic. Some reports are saying that over 15% of organic search might be affected. That's huge!

This could be the reason why the difficulty has changed so much!

The new update could've changed the results for "rug cleaning", hence, the increased difficulty. However... this possible explanation is far from perfect for a couple of reasons:

1. I have no way of finding out if this is really what happened.

2. Even if I did, there's nothing I can do about it.

4. Any other reasons?

And that's all I can say for now... If you think you've got another reason why this might have happened, please let me know! Send me an IG message to @jimena.bolivarro and let me know what you think.

Lessons to be learnt

As I said on my first post, this blog is primarily about learning. This could happen to some of you in the near future. So... what can we learn from this experience?

- Does it matter?

Of course it matters! This was supposed to be my "easy" niche blog, and now it's become my hardest business overnight. Ranking is never an easy thing to achieve... but now it's become even harder. I'll be honest with you... If I were starting today and found the "rug cleaning" keyword, I wouldn't even think about starting a niche blog on this topic. It's simply to difficult.

I'm not saying I'm not going to keep working on it, I'm just saying I wouldn't start.

- Could I have avoided this mistake?

I honestly don't know... because I still don't know what happened.

But there's one thing that I've clearly learnt: If I ever find a keyword that's easy to rank for, but all the other related keywords aren't... I'll simply run away.

In case you don't remember, on the post I wrote on how I found the Rug cleaning keyword, I wrote:

Every other related keyword in this niche is tough. And I mean, very very tough. I created a list of related keywords and looked each and every single one of them on mangools. It doesn't look good...
Rug Cleaning Keyword SERP

If you see a similar pattern, my advice would be to stay away from that keyword. Chances are, what happened to me will happen to you sooner or later.

What Am I going to do about it?

Since this blog is about learning, there's no such thing as "something going wrong". These are opportunities that will help me create better content for you guys! As I said many times, I'm going to share everything with you. Both what goes well (and what doesn't).

And I don't know about you, but I'm intrigued...

- Is it possible to achieve what apparently seems impossible?

- Could I make money on a blog that's apparently condemned to death?

Let's find out! For the sake of science I'm going to continue with this blog (although it seems like a terrible idea tbh), and see if I'm able to rank and how long it takes. I'm honestly not doing it to make money, but as an experiment to see if I can actually make money with Rug Cleaning World.

And in order to do so, these are the first few things I'm going to change. For now, I'm going to focus primarily on these 2 and I'll let you know if I implement any other strategy:

1. Change my monetizing strategy

I though that if I made it to the first page on Google I could easily monetize this blog with ads. However, since that's highly unlikely, I will have to find other more "pro active" ways of monetizing the blog.

I'm thinking, maybe affiliate marketing is the way to go. There're a lot of carpet cleaners I could promote, or many other rug cleaning products. I still have to do a little bit of market research and come up with the proper products to promote, but I'm pretty sure there's a market for such products.

2. Re-focus my posts

All of my posts (the ones online and the ones about to be) are focused on ranking for the keyword "rug cleaning". And although I did use some of the other related keywords (such as "carpet cleaner", "couch cleaner", etc.), I didn't pay to much attention to those keywords.

Not anymore!

Since most of those keywords are as difficult to rank as "rug cleaning", there's no reason why I shouldn't go after them. After all, I might be able to rank for those keywords even before I rank for rug cleaning.

So, I'm going to rewrite my content and include more of those keywords. I hope it works!

Keep moving forward

I feel like I haven't even started and I've learnt so much already!

You see... sometimes in life things won't work out the way you expect. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is up against you. And maybe that's the case. But the way I see it, you can either learn from the situation or fail.

And I'm not just saying that... I'm trying to preach by example. I felt like quitting when I saw the new SERP analysis for Rug Cleaning. But I didn't.

Do you know why?

Because I'm going to do whatever it takes to be succesful! There'll be ups and downs, but that's part of the plan. I never said this was going to be easy! And believe me... If something like this happens to you, if you feel like you're waisting your time and not getting anyware... Don't worry! Don't get discouraged! You've already done the hardest part: you started! You are doing the right thing and are learning more than you think! Maybe success won't come overnight, but you'll get there.

And to those of you who haven't taken action yet...

What are you waiting for?


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